Last fall brought with it a fun and busy season of book-releasing. In August, To Get to You launched and it was an absolute blast road-tripping with you all! Just a month later, the Heirloom Brides collection released, and it was a joy to share a new historical romance with readers! Shortly after, 21 Days of Christmas hit shelves and included my short story, “The Balsam Walk”.

So as a writer, life was kind of like this…

Sense and Sensibility 2


After all the launch happenings were over, I savored some delicious time of R&R but with the turn of a new year, so comes the turning of new book pages. You’re really impressed with my metaphor, right?


Sense and Sensibility 13


So now I’m in the midst of working on those upcoming projects – two actually! Both releasing in 2016!

My husband’s face when I told him that:

Sense and Sensibility 1


But when I told him one is about a guy in the circus, it kind of changed to this:

Sense and Sensibility 3

But then I have this wee problem because there are awesome readers who are wondering what’s happens after To Get to You. What about Riley and Becca?

What about the VW van?

All the skateboarding and surfing and classic rock music. What about Riley?


Saul? SAUL!

Sense and Sensibility 4


Don’t worry! I mean…Saul is totally going to find love!

But wait, why the face?


Sense and Sensibility 14

Oh! YOU wanted to meet Saul.

But… Saul’s…not…real. He’s just a character in a book.

And now you’re not speaking to me.

Sense and Sensibility 16


Ok. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean that. He’s definitely real. You can absolutely have him!!

Do I promise?

Sense and Sensibility 17


Promise. 🙂

And don’t worry, there IS going to be a second book in the Wild Air series. I’m working on it now!

But I feel like I should mention that it’s not actually from Riley’s point of view.

Sense and Sensibility 5

No, no, no, no. It’s going to be okay!

The new story comes from Ramsey  –  Riley’s best friend who was mentioned like two whole times in To Get to You.

You totally remember him, right?


Sense and Sensibility 6

Don’t worry. You’ll like Ramsey.

He’s completely awesome.

He’s a photographer, is searching for wild horses, and is quite a stud.

Sense and Sensibility 11

Yeah, I said stud.

Almost as much of a stud as the circus guy.

Sense and Sensibility 7

I know! Right!?!?!

Except you’re wondering why you can’t find the description of the circus book on Goodreads, aren’t you?

Sense and Sensibility 8

I promise it’s coming very soon and I am SO excited to share it with you!!

For now, you can find both A Boy and Wild Horses and The Lady and the Lionheart on Goodreads if you’d like to add them to your to-be-read list. And in the meantime, hang with me because I’ve got lots to share about books, news and more goodies – including a fun announcement to come next week!

Alright! 2016… here we come. 🙂