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If you’ve been reading the Cadence of Grace series, you’ll know that the story has grown and changed into a tale that includes not one…but two heroes.

At different times in Lonnie’s life, each man plays an important role. Yesterday spotlighted Gideon, her first love and the father of her son. Today, it’s my joy to introduce Toby, the man who stepped in as her friend when a tragedy wedged a devastating separation between Lonnie and Gideon. While each man hopes to win Lonnie’s heart, they both long to see her happy.



Hero: Toby McKee

Age: 28 years old

Born: Crovie, Scotland

Occupation: Reverend



The last we saw of him was in Though My Heart is Torn:

Before her hand landed on the door latch, Toby pushed it open and stood just inches from her.

“Come in.” His deep voice filled the kitchen, and he made no move to step out of her way. His eyes were soft on her face, his words even softer. “I was wondering if you’d show up.”

Speechless, Lonnie squeezed past him and into the kitchen.

Addie’s feet did a funny jig. “Mr. McKee brought presents!”

Lonnie eyed her sister curiously.

Toby nodded toward a potato sack. “A few ladies from the church helped.” He tugged the sack closer, and his broad hand disappeared inside the brown burlap. He sank to his knee and lifted his face to Lonnie. “They made some rag dolls for the lassies, and a few men whittled wooden knives for the lads.”

Turning to Addie, Lonnie noticed the small doll clutched in her sister’s tiny hands. A scrap of pink calico had been sewn into a humble gown, and the plain-faced doll had red hair made from several tidy rows of knotted yarn.

Like a ship mast being raised, Toby stood, towering over them.

“That’s awful nice of you. I assure you Addie won’t forget this.”

“Not just Addie.” Toby pulled a pair of small wooden blocks from his bag—the unfinished wood roughly formed into crooked cubes. “These are for Jacob. They didn’t make anything for the wee ones ’round here.” As if he were embarrassed, his voice fell soft. “I hope they’re not too rough.” He lowered the blocks into Lonnie’s palm. “I tried to sand ’em down smooth.”

Lonnie fingered the silky wood that was still warm from Toby’s hand. She opened her mouth but again found herself unable to speak. With much noise and clattering, Toby thrust his arm back into his bag.

“And this is for you,” he blurted.

He handing Lonnie a small sachet made from the same fabric as Addie’s doll. Lonnie turned it over in her hand. She hesitated briefly, then lifted the sachet to her nose. “Mmm,” she sighed. “That smells lovely.”

Toby’s dimples deepened. “I thought you might fancy it.”


From My Hope is Found:



Gideon O’Riley has been given another chance at a life with Lonnie. But will the fight for her heart risk it all over again?

If you were here yesterday, you’ll remember that Lonnie was busy in her kitchen throwing together a batch of butterscotch and cranberry oatmeal cookies in honor of Gideon and all the memories they shared. With Gideon torn from her grasp, she misses him terribly, but just can’t imagine him ever being able to return to her. As the lonely months unfolded, she’s been thankful for the comfort she has in the Bennett’s and the children… and the kind, young Reverend who has become one of her dearest friends.

Today, a hot pot of Scottish breakfast tea is just the thing to remind Toby of his homeland and offers them a chance to sit and visit while the children play in the parlor. Lonnie is ever so thankful for Toby and the way he’s given her another reason to smile again. While no one will ever replace Gideon in her heart or wipe away the memories of the man she loved so deeply, with Toby’s friendship and love…the uncertain future seems bright.


“Amid the beauty of the Appalachians, Lonnie Sawyer O’Riley finds herself in an impossible situation created by her beloved Gideon’s wild past. Having no choice but to give him up and move on, she clings to stubborn hope that all will yet be well, somehow. Like a mountain trail, the story winds through sunlight and shadow, through love and despair, with glimpses of grace at every turn.”

— Author, Meg Moseley


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