So these are our lovely ladies. They are a great group of chickens and there’s nothin’ like fresh eggs.

The yolks are a deep orange that make the yummiest fried eggs, rich quiches and are a blessing to have on hand when throwing together a cake or batch of brownies. What? No eggs in the fridge? Time to trek out to the coop! And I must admit, I’m the #1 go to person on our street for “Do you have an egg to spare?” 😀

As you can see they’re a hodgepodge of different breeds. We started out with a quad of beautiful Rhode Island Reds.

And then we got a dog.

Turns out chickens and ADD Labrador teenagers (who know how to dig) don’t mesh well. I’m pretty sure he meant well but no, they weren’t moving toys. So the Labrador went to a neighbor (thanks Kelly). And she posted this picture on Facebook a few days later…

“If I don’t make eye contact, they can’t see me”

This would have been our backyard.
And those feathers would not have been a pillow.

So fortunately now, Zak has a home that is chicken-free with a super loving family, and a BFF named Kaya to play with all day long.

Keeping chickens is incredibly easy. All they need is a little shelter from varmints, food, water and room to roam when the weather is nice. Ours love walking the yard and eating grass and worms. This makes for happier chickens. I used to run a country store with my mother-in-law. We had a sign out front for “Happy Chicken Eggs.” They sold as quick as we could put them into cartons. There’s nothing like a farm fresh egg and the experience is all the more enjoyable knowing they come from happy chickens 🙂 

My favorite way to eat eggs is fried with crumbled goat cheese on top. SO good! How about you?