I had the privilege of doing a writing workshop with a group of homeschooled girls a few weeks ago. We met at a gorgeous park, had a picnic and had a blast talking writing. 

I asked them to come with their writing notebooks so I could learn more about what they’d been up to. Talk about a group of talented young writers! It was so much fun to read their words.

I was trying to think of a writing-related activity that would be fun for a group of kids so I put together a character worksheet with plenty of copies for taking home and we did it as a group.

Here’s a little about the character we created:

Her name is Kyrah. She’s 12 years old, has auburn hair, blue eyes and she’s short. 

She’s shy, likes to read, is calm, fashionable and swag (I had to pretend like I knew what that meant–I know, I’m so uncool)

She lives in Alaska (obviously where she wears her designer snow boots) and has a husky named Aurora. Her favorite things to do are dog sledding and exploring. Her least favorite thing to do is math and cleaning up after her dogs (ROFL)

She has a few goofy habits like biting her nails, cracking her knuckles and not brushing her teeth (She’s gotta work on the last one). Her favorite book is Little Women.

Her favorite memories are picking wildflowers with her mom and putting a star on the Christmas tree (we decided this was the Christmas she got Aurora as a puppy =]) 

She hopes to grow up to be a professional dog sledder and help save wildlife and nature. What she REALLY wants to do is enter the BIG RACE but her problem is that she’s the only girl and a few of her dogs are sick. But by the end of the story, she’ll have grown becasue she’s going to learn how to nurse her dogs back to health and enter the race.

Sounds like a good story to me!

It was tons of fun and with a group of girls the conversation never waned. The giggles really got going when they were looking through one of my writing notebooks and spotted a few pictures of Robert Pattinson. Hehe.

And to make the day complete (and an extra treat) my 5th grade teacher, Mr. James and his wife were there. Mr. James was one of my favorite teachers and it was actually his daughter who coordinated the workshop.

A huge thanks to the moms and all the wonderful girls for a great day of encouragement and inspiration. You girls have talent. Keep those stories coming!