I know that’s  a lot to pack into one post but that’s what the last two weeks have been filled with!

Let’s start at the beginning. Book Releases. Wow. It’s been AMAZING! We kicked off the release of BE STILL MY SOUL with a book launch party that was so much fun. I posted a bunch of pictures on my Facebook page, and if you get my newsletter there will be more! Thank you to all the fabulous bloggers, writers and just plain ‘ol friends who’ve hosted me this month. It’s been a blast!!

This last weekend was our local writer’s conference in San Diego. I had the pleasure of driving down with some of my critique partners and stopping for dinner (there may have been gourmet mac ‘n cheese involved but you didn’t hear it from me) I’ve never seen BE STILL MY SOUL on a bookshelf before so one of my critique partners checked with the B & N that was along the way and it said those magic little words– in stock!

So we flew off the freeway (literally, because she almost missed our exit), found the Barnes and Noble and there it was! It was a total dream come true! The lovely ladies you see below are some of the women who poured so much love, advice and wisdom into my writing and to celebrate this moment with them was really special.

Ashley Ludwig, Me, Beverly Nault and Dona Watson

Ashley jumped right in by facing the book. Is she a seasoned pro, or what?

Then it was on to the conference for a great evening. I got to visit with my editor, Shannon, from WaterBrook Multnomah and also give a hug to the fabulous Susan Meissner (center). Susan is an amazing writer, one of my absolute favorites, and if you have a copy of BE STILL MY SOUL, yep, those are her pretty little words right there on the front cover. Squeee!!! Her newest book, THE GIRL IN THE GLASS is at the top of my TBR and I can’t wait!

The highlight of the night was watching my critique partner, Beverly Nault win the Nancy Bayless Award for excellence in writing for her fiction debut, FRESH START SUMMER. It’s a GREAT read filled with charming characters. If you like clean, contemporary fiction that will make you smile and give you the warm and fuzzies all at the same time, this one’s for you!