The first book in my Norwegian-American series with Thomas Nelson has an official title! It’s a title that’s ever so dear because it’s not only the heart and soul of this story, but it’s been the name of this novel before the first word was even typed. Without further adieu, it’s a joy to share with you my upcoming release: Sons of Blackbird Mountain

Sons of Blackbird Mountain


Don’t let my girly decorations fool you. 😉 Within these pages are three cider-brewing brothers who live like kings in the hills of Virginia. Their farm lies tucked away where few are brave enough to venture down it’s lane. An Appalachian Neverland, of sorts. With three rough and tumble Lost Boys. Until the day change blows in. Both on the farm and in the heart…

Here is the unofficial summary:

When Aven Norgaard leaves Norway to serve as housekeeper to her late husband’s cousins in Appalachia, she expects lads in need of care, not three grown men—each in need of a wife and bound by a powerful brotherhood. As the men carve out a living by brewing artisan liquor, young Haakon’s pursuit tempts Aven’s lonely spirit but it is his Deaf brother, Thor, whose silent strength shows her the depths of real love.

Unable to speak to any woman, Thor Norgaard never anticipates Aven to befriend him, let alone treat him as her safe harbor. Though hard cider is their livelihood and his greatest talent, he fights his way to sobriety with Haakon’s help, defying the bottle for Aven’s hand – only to face a battle of the heart that tests even the strongest bonds of brotherhood.




The first in this two book series is releasing Summer 2018, and if you’d like to know when it hits shelves, or get an early glimpse of the coming cover, you can follow me here on my blog (or pop in for visits!) or connect with me through my newsletter where I always share book release news and other fun goodies. (Including an extra special eBook sale coming next week!) Or add the book to your Goodreads shelf.

Thanks so much for being along this journey with me! Each of you make it extra special and spur me on as I write these stories. More to come!