Greetings! I’m so glad you’ve found me here!
Whether you’re a novelist looking for an extra set of eyes prior to submitting your manuscript to an agent or editor, or simply a writer seeking a fresh perspective on your story and characters, I’m here to help you.

As writers, we’re all on different parts of the road to publication and regardless of the route you hope to take, or where today finds you, I hope that knowing we’re in it together brings you encouragement.

It’s a hard thing to do alone—especially when we know our stories will be heading out to be read by publishing professionals, often with only one chance at making a good impression. If you’re looking for someone to help bridge that gap by looking at your work and giving insights onto the strengths and weaknesses, I offer my services to you as a manuscript critiquer…

What is a critique?

A critique is an overall impression of a story which includes elements of both editing, proofing, and story developing. It is not a full line edit, or a complete proof read which means your manuscript will not be flawless when I’m done with it. But my goal is to give you an overall (and detailed) picture of both the strengths and weaknesses that stand out to me and you are then free to apply at your will.

What will you look for?

I will be looking for and notating character development, reader engagement, story pacing, pet and repeated words or phrases, continuity, dialogue and character voicing, plot strengths and weaknesses, point of view and research elements. Included will be an overall critique of your story as well as finer assessments from scene to scene. It will also include a light line edit. As I read and critique, I will try and keep your audience in mind as well as your distinct voice. My goal is to respect your story, while also helping to make it shine. I believe that a hearty dose of encouragement can be just as valuable as editorial examination, so I always strive to point out the elements that work well in addition to highlighting elements that might further develop from a bit of revision.

FIRST TWO CHAPTERS (up to 5,000 words) $55
PROPOSAL CRITIQUE (marketing & platform information, 2 sample chapters,  and a 3-5 page synopsis)  $125
FULL MANUSCRIPT CRITIQUE –  $2.75/page *Best suited for intermediate or advanced writers.

Minimum 200 pages. All estimates are based on 12 pt font, double spaced, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins. Synopses may be single spaced
Can you tell me more about yourself as a writer?

I write both historical and contemporary fiction and have written for WaterBrook Multnomah (Random House), Thomas Nelson (HarperCollins Christian)  as well as several Independent titles. I’m a Christy and Carol Award winner, and my most recent release, The Lady and the Lionheart, received the rare 5 gold stars from RT Book reviews. I’ve also served as a judge for several well-respected writing awards.

I’ve instructed workshops on a variety of topics and have taught the Head Start fiction clinic at the 2015 and 2016 Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference. In addition, I served on the critique team for the 2017 ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) conference.

As an author, what I’ll be doing is a critique, not a formal edit. My background is as a storyteller and a wordsmith and that’s how I’ll approach your work. I love fiction in a vast array of genres and I love good fiction…and am always on the hunt for it. I look forward to the chance to read your work and offer detailed feedback. I’ll do everything I can to help build your novel up to the best of my abilities. I will give your pages my utmost focus and passion as I work on them.

What can I anticipate?

Once you send me your manuscript electronically (via email), I will work on it using Microsoft’s track changes so you will be able to clearly see my suggestions and I’ll post comments to help explain everything in detail. Along with that, I’ll send you a note on the manuscript as a whole to make your interpretation of my critique as easy as possible. As part of every manuscript critique, we will begin with the first two chapters which I will turn back to you. Based on that, we can discuss the full-manuscript package should you wish and the cost of the first 2 chapters will be deducted from the full package price.

Is there anything you will not critique?

If your story is written for the general market, I ask that it be no more than a PG-rating in content, subject matter and wording. If you are unsure, please don’t hesitate to inquire and mention this in your form comments.

How long will you need to work on my pages?

As a general guideline:
First two chapters – completed within 5 business days
Proposal – completed within 10 business days
Full manuscript – approximately 30 days (in addition to the first chapter critique). We will discuss an official time frame based on your word count and our schedules.


Payments are via Paypal or check. Once we agree on our terms, I will send you an invoice to your email. Once payment is received (either full or down payment), I will begin your critique and deliver the completed critique per our scheduled agreement and upon payment completion.

For more information or to set up an initial critique, please fill out the form below and I will respond to you within 2 business days. The form holds no obligation to work with me, but simply helps me get to know you a bit so I can best respond to your query. Thank you!

“Creating fiction that’s heartfelt isn’t the only thing about Joanne Bischof. On top of being an accomplished author and eloquent writer, she also provides thorough, top-notch critiquing services for writers desiring a pair of proficient eyes. Joanne will dig deep into the heart of your story while serving up honest, yet gentle critique and will work diligently to help you achieve your very best. In my own experience, she shed light on things I could not see, buffed my manuscript, and patiently guided me in the right direction. Working with Joanne has been an invaluable experience that has cultivated me as a writer. I am forever grateful for Joanne’s exceptional critiquing services and will continue to seek her out with all of my future writing endeavors. She’s amazing! <3″–Brooke Miller

“From the moment I first fell for her books, I knew Joanne was a gifted writer. But she is also the type of writer who knows how to apply talent and skill. Not only that but she is able to critique, helping other writers see opportunities to let more of their story shine. I am so grateful to have Joanne to call on to critique my words. Do you think working with an accomplished author will be intimidating? Let Joanne’s grace and gentleness put that fear to rest–and call you to better craft.”   –Rachelle Rea

“Fast, yet thorough, Joanne Bischof not only critiques with impeccable skill but with a kind, gracious heart. She’s quick to point out grammatical errors to polish the manuscript until it gleams while her suggestions and notes only make you think outside the box, and ultimately bring out the best in your book. It was and is a true joy to work with her, and I trust her implicitly with my novel.” – Meghan Gorecki

“What a pleasure working with Joanne Bischof. Her editor’s voice is kind and gentle, her ability to teach patient and thought provoking. You can’t help but know she is interested in your story and desires to bring it to life with you. She has a knack for finding little holes in motivation and inserting just the right triggers to help a writer find her way. Everyone needs someone to critique their WIP, but who better than Joanne? Not only has she a Christy-award finalist reputation, but she’s worked hand in hand with editors herself. Joanne knows what the writer can expect from the often heavy hand of a publisher who desires excellence.” – Ann McCauley

Let’s chat…
You can expect a reply from me within two business days. Thank you!

Are you a young adult looking for more guidance with your craft? I also teach at the Author Conservatory! This is a 3-year college alternative program designed specifically for fiction writers looking to make a career as an author. Click the image below to learn more!

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