This month Kim Vogel Sawyer, Mona Hodgson, Tracey Bateman and myself are all celebrating the release of Heirloom Brides, a collection of four historical romances from Barbour!

Heirloom Brides

My novella, Something New, opens in the spring of 1893 as Tate Kennedy is just returning from sea to his home in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, and his childhood friend, Wren.

Each of the novellas in the collection centers around an heirloom given to the heroine. In Something New, Wren’s heirloom is none other than her grandmother’s heirloom seeds, brought to her all the way across the Atlantic by the one friend she thought lost to her forever. 

I hope Tate’s adventures from Norway and his travels abroad will be a fun addition to Appalachian life and that you enjoy watching his and Wren’s love story unfold!

Let’s chat: Do you have a family heirloom that is dear to you?

Where you can find the book:


Barnes and Noble


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