It was a surreal moment, when just a few days before Christmas, a message came in from the director of a dance company for children and young adults in Colorado Springs, inquiring about the possibility of adapting The Lady and the Lionheart for the stage. My answer?? YES! Not only for the chance to see Charlie and Ella and the whole circus troupe in live action, but because of the heart and purpose behind the dance company — one that encourages children and teens in the performance arts while also sharing the gospel through their yearly productions.


And now, last week, both the dance company and I have signed on the dotted line, and LIONHEART is officially in pre-production! It will be the 2021 performance for the Fidele Youth Dance Company and I couldn’t be more honored to be following in the footsteps of their previous productions such as Women of Faith: Ruth & Esther and Out of Egypt. Here’s a sneak peek of the coming script that is currently being written by the program’s director:



A special thanks to Mimi at the Fidele Youth Dance Company, who after reading The Lady and the Lionheart in novel form, began to envision the costumes and dance numbers, and imagine how it would make it’s way onto the stage. Here’s what she had to say about the inspiration behind the project, following in the wake of COVID 19 challenges that have affected many small-businesses, including the performing arts:

* * *

The way the Gospel is woven throughout the story is just so beautiful, and such a humbling reminder of what real, selfless sacrifice looks like. After a season of non-stop obstacles and challenges as we worked to spread the Gospel and keep optimism, fellowship and joy strong within our students, it was such a relief to be reminded through your words: The battle has already been won. It was such a relief to my heart, and I know it will be to our students as we work through the story, too.

* * *

To know that a story I had the joy of being able to write down has now sparked the creativity of others is one of the greatest honors I could have dreamed of. And when the curtain officially goes up later this year? My mom and I are already planning a road trip to Colorado Springs so that we don’t miss it! And good news! Their productions are recorded so there will be a chance for anyone to watch it online from the comfort of your own home.

Question for you: Do you enjoy the performing arts? What is a stage production that you remember going to see?


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