Yesterday was one of those days. One of those days where I cried. A lot.

It was one of those days when life just seemed to throw one curve ball after another. One hurt after another. One misstep after another. I felt so vulnerable. So human. So empty. I felt like I was standing in the middle of a storm, and everything was happening at once.

And that’s where God found me. That’s where He reached down, picked me up and I found myself in the shelter of His chest. In the shelter of His goodness. It is here where our hurt is cradled with compassion, our empty cup refilled with understanding.  We can peer into those eyes that hold the oldest, deepest wisdom, and know that we are not alone. This is what He does for us. When we are cold, weary and feeling oh-so-alone, He draws us nearer, pouring out His abundant stores. 

1 Peter 5: 10 says “But may the God of all grace who called us to His eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after you have suffered awhile, perfect, establish, strengthen and settle you.”

It’s never something we do on our own. We have no power to be perfected. No power to be established. No power to be strengthened, alone. It is all by God’s glory, His goodness, and His might that we are filled in those moments of feeling so very empty–a thirsty and weary traveler. He is what covers us from the cold, the rain. He is what pours His strength into our empty limbs. And out of the depths of our emptiness, bubbles a new life that can only come from the Lord. As you go about your week, I pray that in those times when you feel so human, so frail, that you would feel that ever-rushing of peace. That peace of being awakened,  and awash in the love of Jesus. May He fill you this week. And every week after. 

My prayers it that as you walk out there, into the world, and sometimes the unknown, that you will feel that ever-present shelter. That comfort of God’s arms around your shoulders and though at times you may feel weary and downtrodden, He is always there to hold you up. 

He is our shelter in the storm.