This weekend my husband and I went to Julian, California, a quaint little apple community that’s about an hour and a half away. We had a few things on the agenda for the week:

  • Go to a Bed and Breakfast for the first time ever
  • Visit the Apple Days festival where it was a joy to share about the series and meet the most wonderful people
  • Eat meals that we didn’t have to cook or clean up after!

Oh, yes. This was an itinerary we could handle!

Here are a few pictures from our adventure:

We stayed at the Butterflied Bed and Breakfast with the most lovely host and hostess. They took great care of us and all the other guests, who quickly became like a little family. The ladies staying all got copies of the books and one woman even had book#1 finished by the second day! One of the couples there were both chiropractors so it was a lot of fun as we all shared our aches and pains and they offered advice and even got to work on some of us. Oh yes, this girl with chronic back pain was blessed beyond words!

We had a great time visiting around the breakfast table where they served the most delightful courses. The room we stayed in was the bird watcher room named “The Feather Nest”. It was as quaint as could be. With a little pantry on hand for guests, we were able to pop popcorn or make hot cocoa at our leisure and peruse the video library for an afternoon of utter relaxation. 🙂

My handsome hubby, Noah is having a tough time deciding what he wants to order for dinner! One evening, we found a quaint little Italian restaurant that served the yummiest salad I might have ever had in my life. His calzone was pretty delish as well. And oh, the quiet. As parents of three, we just soaked up one another’s company and enjoyed getting to talk and relax…with nowhere to be!

Well, I feel like I’ve talked about breakfast and our evenings…but how did we spend our days? We had a blast hanging out at the Apple Days festival–I got to share about the books and we met some of the sweetest people. Oh and it was sooo windy! We were all windblown by days end but it was worth it. The event took place at a quaint little winery in Apple country and folks came from near and far to join in the festivities. It was a lovely and memorable weekend and I think my honey and I are quite tempted to do it all over again next year!