So we’ve got a vacation coming up which means I’m going to be away from civilization for a few days. Whoop! So in honor of new adventures, I thought I would post a little early and ask you this question: If you could go anywhere, or be anyone in a book. Where or who would it be and why?

Here’s my answer…

I would love to fall into Sense and Sensibility and be a Dashwood sister and live in a cottage in the English countryside. Spend my days drinking tea and mulling over the lack of marriage prospects and playing the piano forte with gusto and sitting on the sofa embroidering something. This is probably due to the fact that I’m a really tired mommy and simply the sheer concept of embroidering anything has a certain appeal. As does sitting down.


Yes, being a Dashwood sister would be so much fun!


Wearing aprons. Having nice hair. A live-in maid…Β 

























and laugh heartily at everything Mr. Willoughby says




And have the utmost liberty of making really dramatic faces like this one













or this one

















But then I might get bored
















Or moody…









And then just plain ‘ol devastated.

I just realized that 1792 doesn’t have Oreos. Or Pinterest.














Ok…your turn! What book would you like to fall into? What would you miss from your everyday life while you were gone?

Because I’ll be at the coast having fun in the sun, I may not be able to respond to comments, but I will be able to use my wonderful hubby’s iPhone and read them! Have a great week friends!