I can’t tell you how many times people have tried guessing the name of our mystery boy. So I thought it would be fun to hold a contest. Of course every contest needs a prize, so I looked around at my bookshelves the other day and realized I had several books for giving away. Hooray! Sadly, these are books that were never claimed *sigh*

So remember: Thou must returneth to claim thine prize (or would it be prizeth?) I dunno. But haste ye back to this post on Nov 21st to see the winner! Oh, and the fabulous books up for the taking…

The Heart Mender by Andy Andrews And
Winning Him Without Words by Lynn Donovan and Dineen Miller

So here’s how it works: You get one entry for leaving a comment below and additional entries by doing any of the following:

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Try and guess the name of the baby. Seriously. Give it a shot! (Hint: it’s a boy bible name.) If you get it right, I’ll throw in a box of red hots.

That’s four ways to enter :]

Please let me know what you did so I can tally your entries!
All entries will go into a hat and be pulled out by a really cute two-year old. It will probably have a elk on it. Not the kid, the hat.

Happy entering!!!

The winner will be chosen and announced below on November 21, 2011 so please check back or follow me on Facebook to be automatically notified! Of course, If I’m having to-be-named-baby, I will post the winner as soon as I can 😉