With the economy not what it used to be and many families looking to save money this Christmas season, it’s no wonder more and more people are choosing to make homemade presents for their loved ones.

Despite the sparkle and glitz of flashy holiday commercials, some folks are still choosing to slow things down a bit. Embrace the beautiful simplicity of a handmade gift. From aunty’s chocolate dipped pretzels to grandpa’s rustic bird feeder, to the handcrafted shopping bag angel on top of the tree with old manuscript pages for wings (oh, wait that’s just us.) Homemade gifts are special. They say “I took the time to make this for you.”

So in embracing the pioneer spirit this year, I’ve conjured up homemade gifts, including the infamous apple pie soap, crochet scarves and a crochet rag rug ( oh yeah, took it up a notch on this one.) And lastly, I bought one of my favorite teas, creamy pumpkin pie, and I’m planning on putting together little glass jars packaged with a ribbon and tea ball.

Homemade projects are all about heart. Some projects are easy and fun while others challenge us making one want to set fire to the green sweater we’ve knitted that we thought was “hunter” but in the sunlight, just so happened to be “chartreuse.” (I’m not venting, I’m not, I’m not)

Despite the glitches and imperfections, I hope these homemade gifts will bring a little cheer.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Are you making any presents this year for your Christmas gift giving? What special homemade gifts have you received?