Welcome to week 2 of a Homemade Holiday!

Today I’m sharing the tutorials for two pairs of lacy boot socks. Fun and flirty, these are great for colder weather to pair with your favorite boots!Β 

What you’ll need for either of these styles:

(feel free to play around with colors, lace textures and button styles!)


For the first sock:

(a bit more challenging but easy enough for even ME to do!) πŸ™‚Β 

Start with a pair of knee high socks in the color of your choice as well as lace that you like. For this sock, 1 yard of lace each is needed, so grab 2 yards. I used a stretchy lace and found it super helpful. For the sideΒ embellishment, save about 5 inches of lace off each yard. Go ahead and cut itΒ and set that bit aside.



Because this is something that’s going to stretch when it’s worn, it needs to be sewn stretched out… that way, the thread and lace won’t pop off when someone goes to put the sock on.

The first time I made these, I put it on my leg and sewed it that way but it was horribly awkward so then I came up with the idea of putting the sock on a glass jar. I used a 1 quart Mason jar which mimicked the “calf” size for these socks pretty well. It was so much easier and worked wonderfully!

1. Using the rest of the lace which will now be nearly 1 yard, sew it around the top of the sock.

2. Giving it a slight scrunch as you sew makes for a cute, ruffled look.

3. Dork that I am, I messed up while doing the first sock, and put my thread on the wrong side, making an un-wanted loop around the lace. 4. Deciding to just go with it ( *grin*) I decided to do the loop about every two inches or so and it actually made a very cute ripple effect that was fun. 5.Β Work your way completely around the sock. Note: When you reach the other side and you’re back to where you started, just nestle the two ends of lace together. You don’t need to sew them together, just let them hang out, they’ll become BFFs.

Once you finish the lace going around the top of the sock, you can add a little embellishment on the outside. As you do this, be certain to lay your socks out as you would wear them so you can make sure that you get BOTH embellishments done on the outside so they are the same (otherwise, if you have one sock with a lacy ruffle on the outside and the other sock with the lacy ruffle on the inside, your little un-crafty heart will be very sad!) πŸ™‚

To do this, put your sock back on the Mason jar. Measure how far down you want your lace to go. I cut 5 inches of lace and started down the sock about 2 or so inches. You’re going to ruche or scrunch the fabric. To do this, lay the lace where you want it to end and then give it a few stitches. Keeping your needle always on the outside of the sock (1) scrunch the lace as you sew (the needle slides easily along the glass jar, making this a simple method as opposed to trying to do it freehand. Keep sewing and scrunching your lace (2) until it’s all finished (3).

Lastly, if you are so inclined, pop on a cute button!

I went with a contrasting color for this pair because I have a bosom friend who likes nautical things and this little anchor made me think of her. (hi friend who now knows I’m talking about her! Check your mailbox… πŸ˜‰ )

And the finished look of sock #1:

Now for sock # 2:

1 yard of lace for this will be perfect. The first thing you’ll want to do is cut 4 strips (2 strips for the side ruching and 2 strips to make into little bows)

The strips that I did were 5 inches each for the side rushing and about 7 inches for the bow. Here’s how to make the bow:

1. Lay the lace out flat and fold about 1/3 of it inΒ 

2. Do the same with the opposite side so you get a criss-cross

Using your fingers, bunch the center together to make a bow

3. Sew it a few times so it’s snug (you’re going to sew this again when you attach it, so just a few stitches here is enough).

Now you’re ready to add the other two strips to the outsides as embellishments, using the same ruching technique as before:

For this one, I had about 1/2 inch of fabric left at the top so I could fold it over and sew it snug, though not necessary if you end up a tad short there and even if you come up more short than you’d like…bows…they cover a multitude of sins. πŸ˜‰

Sew on the bow just at the top, then also attach the button. And you’re done!


Simple to make and a fun gift to give (and get!) these lacy boot socks are perfect for fall and winter. I’m planning on making a few pairs for myself next!

And just like last week, I’m giving the craft away! This week, I’m giving away the ivory socks (sock #2) + the knee highs and lace to make another pair yourself! To enter, simply use the form below!

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