Incredible. That’s the only way I can describe the ballet performance of the stage adaption for The Lady and the Lionheart. It was delightful from beginning to end, and not only did my mom, daughter, some friends and I get to watch it live in Colorado Springs this November, but the production company invited me to be involved with the cast over zoom. Every moment was meaningful, and today, I’m spotlighting a few of those!

The people. These students worked so incredibly hard to put this production together. Seeing their talent and heart was one of the most moving aspects. Getting to meet them—learn their names and hear what they loved about being on the cast—was just as magical. These were moments I will never forget.

The show! My. Goodness. They hit it out of the park. Every scene was so perfect for the book, yet laced with unique twists that made it compliment the stage, music, and dancers. From the Ringmaster getting the crowd clapping, to Madame Broussard bringing mysterious chills to your spine, every number was spectacular and brought the book to life.


The circus. Watching Lionheart truly was like a trip to the circus complete with red and white stripes, Gypsy wagons, concessions and even an elephant lumbering across the stage. The Victorian circus sprang to life during each and every moment. Colorful costumes, a superb soundtrack, and the timeless magic of watching the greatest show on earth filled the auditorium to the brim.


From left to right: Me, Mimi McKinnis–show creator and director, Mimi’s mother who first read the book, Mimi’s older daughter (her youngest played baby Holland!), and author Amanda Dykes who flew out from a few states away to see the show!

The audience. Hearing them cheering for the cast, ooh-ing and aah-ing over the aerialists, clapping with the meadow dance scene. Hearing the audience respond to these dancers who were children, neices and nephews, friends, and grandkids, was more meaningful than I could have even imagined.

The opening number. It whisked me away to the early 1900’s and Ella’s world within the hospital ward. Charlie was there, along with baby Holland. The scene was filled with nurses in their uniforms, a heart-tugging song, and one stunning dance performance. It all had me captivated from the moment the curtain went up and I hope it will do the same for you!


The personality. This show had heart and it was because of the director and writer, Mimi McKinnis and her incredible team of staff and the youth performers that made this circus celebration come alive. From meeting Charlie and Ella behind the scenes, to seeing their moving performance on the stage, I will never forget the experience of seeing this production live. The cast performed the show three times over a single weekend and I’m so thankful we caught two of those performances as it was just as lovely both times!


And guess what!? The show has been recorded and is available for digital download to watch right from the comfort of your home! You can click the button below for different viewing options or preview the trailer! 

Whether you watch it on your own, with a friend, or host a watch party, the Fidele Youth Dance Company has all kinds of wonderful ways to bring this show to life from your screen. Every number has been beautifully captured and they even have wonderful digital options like recipes right out of the book, as well as a devotional written by the talented young man who played Charlie Lionheart.

I hope you will be as blessed as I was by watching their stunning adaption and am so incredibly grateful to everyone who was involved! I have so many pictures on my phone and these are just a few. I loved getting to take pictures with the cast, and if you see the very last one, we got a photo with the entire cast and crew, and I got to squeeze in next to Charlie and Ella, yet one more ever-so-special moment.



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