My husband asked me what I wanted for mother’s day and…as I’ve been wanting to get my garden chicken-proofed so I could plant some spring seeds, he and the kids headed off to the home improvement store, fetched all the things we would need and we were set to go for a Sunday afternoon in the garden.

It was time to pull out some spent lettuce and  Little Miss here was my  special assistant. 

Blackberries…one of our favorite backyard snacks!

The chickens…

These ladies are quite comfy in their coop, but we like to let them out often so they can roam and eat fresh grass. The problem is, they tend to flap into my garden and eat everything in there instead. So my husband had an idea to build a chicken run so they could get the best of both worlds during gardening season.

Little hands making the work a lot more fun!

This fella woke up from his nap then and seeing what everyone was up to, dashed to his toy box and got his tools. He is ready to go!

While my husband put together the gate, my son and I made the sign together, a few screws, and the chicken run was finished!

And then it was time to play!