I’m overwhelmed.

People are reading my book. Authors are reading my book. The endorsement process has begun. My book is in their hands and they. are. reading. it. This book…this baby…is no longer just mine. It no longer lives only in the secret spaces of my heart.

I was laying awake the other night and for the umteenth time, it struck me again.

How am I here, God?

How. am. I. here?

How is it that I get to live my dream? I get to write Christian fiction. And it’s going to be published. After years and years of waiting and hoping and praying…why me God? And I can only come up with one answer:

For His glory.

There is no encouragement that sinks deeper than this. These words are to honor Him. And for some insanely, overwhelming reason, He saw fit ย that this story should go out into the world. At moments I’m terrified. I don’t want to fail Him. With all my heart and everything that’s in me, I don’t want to fail Him.ย 

But He’s with me. He’s been with me every step of the way. I’ve listened to His call, studied His word, and applied it to what I do. When people open my book, the words may be surprising, but the ultimate goal will be striving toward the cross. Toward redemption. This writing journey isn’t over. It’s just begun. It’s a journey that will be ongoing. Every moment, I want to honor Him. To bring Him glory. That’s the beauty for writing for Christ. The freedom to hang onto His promises and His word and know that any story that seeps through His fingers will be just as it was meant to be.


Have you ever beenย overwhelmed and awed by God’s blessings?

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