Yesterday on my Facebook page, we dug into a discussion question and it was so much fun to get to chat with you all who’ve been reading The Lady and the Lionheart! If you’d like to join us for this impromptu week of Q&A, please do! You can hop on over and answer yesterday’s question, or dive right in with today’s. Here we go!

Q #2: 

At the end of chapter 19, Angelina tries to encourage Charlie by saying, “God will make a way for you.” Is there a time in your own life that you had to do a very difficult thing in hopes of honoring the Lord and might have clung to words such as those?

Later on today, I’ll post my answer below, and as part of this book club week, I’m sharing reader pics. Below are some of the fun places The Lady and the Lionheart has gone – home with you! The book has headed off to states all over the US and even to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada and more! Charlie and Ella have joined you on picnics and even came along for some hammock reading (well, that’s a tight squeeze, but you know what I mean 😉 )

Loving these pics and keep ’em coming! I’ve got more to post this week and more discussion questions on the way! I’ll be updating this post to hold all the questions that we’ll chat about this week, so feel free to come back and comment as the week progresses, or if you find this blog post sometime down the line, it’s never too late to join in. 




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