I’m excited (news flash, right?)

But seriously, I’m thrilled to be moving to a new cyber home. Yeppers, I’m getting a makeover. Well not me. Of course I could use one. I mean the whole mom hair isn’t the greatest and the post-pregnancy clothes could use a little…and now I’ve gotten distracted. Where was I? Oh, right. My blog.

This blog has always felt pretty cozy to me and I’ve been snug as a bug in a rug the last two years, and have loved the fact that you all stop in to say hi now and again. Great, now I’m getting emotional.


Let me just snatch a kleenex. Why am I sad? Because this feeling is bittersweet. Because the time has come to stretch my legs. I need a little elbow room now that I have a few more stuff to squeeze on here like a historical romance series (woohoo!) a newsletter, and some other fun things I can’t wait to integrate into my cyber home. I’m also looking forward to sharing a little more about myself, where I came from and why I write the stories that I do.

So to pull it all off, I’ve enlisted the help of some pros and… *cracksnuckles*…I am once again going to put on my designer hat and see what sort of place we can create.

I can’t wait to see the end results and more than that, can’t wait to share it with all of you. So in the next couple of weeks, changes will be underfoot, and once the dust settles, I hope you’ll stop by for another cup of tea. Shoot, stop by before the dust settles, I could use a friend to talk to while I sweep the floors 🙂