Right now I’m getting ready to go to St. Louis for the 14th annual Christy Awards. Something I never thought I’d say. Especially with this first book, Be Still My Soul. I have shoes and a dress and a husband who’s coming with me and the utter excitement of seeing a dozen friends that I’ve been eager to meet or see again. And I’m going to hug Laura Frantz. I am looking forward to this 🙂

Some friends and family have asked how they can follow along the “live blog”. In years past, the folks at the Christys have hosted a live blog for those at home to follow along if they’d like to know what was happening as awards were announced and to see pictures as they’re taken at the event. I’ve followed it the last few years (which consists of wearing my pj’s at the computer while eating popcorn) and have loved cheering on my friends. You can find it here at the Christys website or check in with their Facebook page for updates on when everything is going to happen.


And…I turned in edits

This weekend, I turned in the copy edits for My Hope is Found. I’ve had the privilege of working with the most wonderful copy editor for all three books in the Cadence of Grace series. She has a beautiful attention to detail and a great way of helping me along in any areas where the story needs clarification. For me, the copy editing stage is much more than finding typos or honing in on the color of a character’s hat. This is the stage that I want to make sure that the story is going to be purely edifying. That it will be a fragrant offering unto the Lord. That it would in no way be a stumbling block to readers, but something that points toward Christ. This is the most challenging season of all. If there’s anything I want to get right, it’s this.

I devote the story to the Lord through prayer and spend a lot of time listening to God, waiting for a reassurance that, “yes, this story is complete.” That peace took a while in coming and days within needing to turn the edits in, I was terribly stressed. The story didn’t feel like it was coming together–yes, despite the fact that it’s been written and revised several times–I was utterly worried that the whole thing was no good. It’s that Gideon O’Riley, I tell you. He’s difficult to work with. 🙂


There were still some missing elements, but suddenly, everything came together. It’s one of my favorite stages in editing. It’s the time when the shift in a conversation or a tweak in a character’s perspective, can suddenly free my heart and this story. It’s the time when I am so thankful that I don’t have to do this alone.  There were many of those moments this last week as I made adjustments and tried to fill this story with truth and love and life. It’s there now. God is good. I’m ever so excited to get it to you. 

Love and hugs to you all!