I love my home. I really do.

And at 850 square feet for 5 people, it’s what you would call…cozy. But it’s fun cozy. At least that’s what I think. I’m a country girl at heart so my home reflects that. I love cottage details, neutral colors ย and just about anything shabby chic. My favorite way to decorate is by perusing yard sales. Whenever I find a piece, whether it’s a wooden goose, wire picture frame or rag rug, it’s fun to mix and match with pieces that are both old and new—pieces that have a story. Ok, and any treasure in my home has to be kid proof ๐Ÿ™‚

I think a home really reflects a person’s heart. From the children’s shoes scattered about, to the dog-eared pictures on the fridge, to the stacks of books tucked into antique wooden soda crates, my home is my nest. It’s the place that holds all the people I love. It’s where my children grow and snuggle down in theirย bunk bedsย for the night. It’s where my husband and I sit and read and talk and laugh by the wood burning stove. There’s a crib next to our bed, a stack of diapers on what should be my writing table, and an old tackle box that holds my earrings. It’s quirky and messy and…just plain home.

So tell me, how does your home reflect your heart? What is your favorite style and way to decorate?ย 

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