So I thought I’d share with you some photo shoot fun.

I’ve been wanting to revamp my author photos for a while but when the book contract came to be (insert grin) it needed to be done sooner rather than later. Only problem was, I was REALLY pregnant. Really, really, really pregnant. And no that wasn’t a watermelon I had swallowed.

The window to turn a photo into the publisher was actually pretty roomy, but with a bun in the oven and a BIG one at that, I wasn’t about to pull out the Kodak camera. Know what I mean?

So with a massive baby belly, I had to put it off for weeks which left me staring down the end of that deadline, leaving me in a total time crunch. I had the most wonderful photographer at the ready (Hi Anna!) and she was ready and waiting for the call. Fast forward a few weeks and one adorably chubby baby weighing in at 9Lb 15 oz (gasp) and I was ready to get these pictures done!

I had some outfits purchased pre-baby so I had to place a quick call to my mom and asked her if she had one of those things… you know those things. “You mean a pair of spanx?” she asked. What are mom’s for?

“Yes! One of those!” And of course she did. So armed with the most uncomfortable invention ever, a few cute new tops and the most fabulous photographer who was willing to drive up to the mountains and tromp around in the woods one afternoon, we set off to meet that deadline. The forest is literally in our backyard so it was just a hop skip and a jump into a really pretty spot that was the perfect backdrop for these shots.


If we’ve met up on Facebook or Twitter then you’ve seen this one:

This one was fun. (Me trying not to fall into the FREEZING creek) It was a really cold day!

 and this is what it looks like when the author is not paying attention to the photographer because she is certain there is a life threatening bug on her shirt when in reality it’s just a piece of lint.

Last but not least my adorable mama who was the jacket-holder slash peanut-gallery

All in all it was a really successful photo shoot and a ton of fun. Afterwards we went home to my mom’s cabin just up the road to hot tea and cookies for all of us to warm up. A huge thank you to Anna Reichenberg and all her wonderful talent and enthusiasm. She was awesome!


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