I posted this picture on my Facebook Page a few weeks ago.

If you were there, you might remember this sad little desk.

It was neglected, misused and all those little cubbies were longing to live out their true purpose. One of my blogging compadres, Jamie, said that it was a totally appropriate desk for a historical writer. I couldn’t agree more. It’s been cleaned, spiffed, polished and filled with all my writing necessities. It is now the centerpiece of my brand new writing nook! So without delay (and as promised) here it is…

Its 1 part writing, 1 part historical and 1 part romance. 🙂

The desk is the perfect fit for my laptop and writing folders. And I couldn’t pass up the picture (and the thousand words) of the kissing couple *grin*.

PLUS all those cute little cubbies are now filled with letters received and letters to be sent. I love writing a good old-fashioned letter so having a spot to hold all the materials is just what I’ve been hoping for. And since our house is oh-so-tiny, I had no more than a corner of our room to work with so the desk was the perfect fit. A fun side note: the bottle of Pelegrino is from the night my husband took me out to dinner to celebrate signing with my agent (hi Sandra!) No wine? I know, I’m more of a sparkling water kind of girl…plus I might have been pregnant ;). It was the start of this amazing journey toward publication.

But that’s another story. Gotta run! There’s a trio of kids who need me. Now if I could just find a few spare hours to write… 🙂

Where is your favorite spot to sit and write? 

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