Two weeks ago, I mentioned to you all that I would be writing a part II of the blog post I had begun. I’ve spent all the days since then, writing, pondering, rewriting and alas…

There is still no post. There’s no post because the words just aren’t right. I could show you what I’ve got so far, of course, it’s not too shabby.  But if they’re to bring encouragement to you, and glory to the Lord, the right words still need a little more unearthing.

So today, I’m going to lift off the discouragement of this and set it down. And instead of tapping out fresh words, I’d like to share something that was written by the lovely Ann Voskamp.

A friend shared it with me this week when I needed it the most. As I look to the future, look to the plans yet to be made, stories yet to be written and knowing that every yes or no will make ripples, my friend Amanda Dykes sent this along and it made my cry buckets. Oh how I needed that. Yesterday I passed them along to Beth K Vogt who shared on Facebook how encouraged she had been by this post and in turn, it went on to encourage others.

So why not? If you’ve yet to stumble along this glorious blog post by Ann Voskamp–may it be a blessing to you, my friends!

And in the spirit of what Ann is reminding us of, I’m going to tuck away this lap top, and go spend some time with my kids in the backyard. They’re sitting under a gray, cloudy sky — waiting for the rain. 🙂

Ann Voskamp quote - joannebischof


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