Is it hot in your neck of the woods?

We’re up here in the mountains of Southern California and let me tell you. It. Is. Hot. I pretty much always have one of my favorite Mason jars filled with ice water at my side all of the time, but sometimes, it’s nice to have something refreshing and flavorful that’s perfect for beating the summer heat. And… even though it’s called “moonshine”, rest assured, this recipe is alcohol free. :]

I’ve been making this for the family once or twice a week and they love it. So much so that now even my husband will throw together a batch. Anything that has my husband in the kitchen, stirring up something cold for the family is alright by me! If you’re like us, you may just want something that you can drink any time of the day that’s a bit more fun than water and more healthy than popping a can of soda. I fiddled around with a few different ingredients wanting this to both have a unique taste—with a wee bit of punch to it—but also be super simple to throw together.


Sweet Pea “Moonshine”

-Fill a 1 quart Mason jar 1/2 full of ice

-Add equal parts sparkling water and sweetened grapefruit juice 

(I use Pelegrino and store-bought Ruby Red juice)

-1 small splash of vanilla 1/2 tsp – 1 tsp 

(while I use either kind, Trader Joe’s has non-alcoholic vanilla that is glycerin-based and syrupy. It’s really nice in this drink.) 


Put your feet up and enjoy!