I keep a journal. I’ve kept one for as long as I can remember…all the way back to that little book with the gold colored lock and tiny key I kept hidden away in my room when I was a girl.

I’ve saved every journal I’ve ever filled. Now, the one sitting on my dresser contains memories from my first son’s birth and then my daughter’s and everything in between. I’ve taped memories inside: ticket stubs from a special date with my husband, the little greeting card that came with a gift of flowers from an illness, tracings of my son’s feet and hands when he sat with me one night, watching me scribble away. With a broken heart, I’ve torn pages out of my journal and watched days best forgotten scatter like the wind. It is a record of my life. The good moments. The everyday memories that I couldn’t risk forgetting. The not so good.

Every so often, I flip back through my journal and remember where the adventures of life began. I did just this last night. And each time, it nearly takes my breath away. I am once again awed by God’s steadfastness in every area of my life. My journal has been a journey of faith. Through ups and downs, I continually see the same thing repeated; God is in control. And each time I scribble that phrase, or its many variations, I know–I believe–that pages and pages down the road of life, I will flip back and think to myself, Yes, He certainly was!

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