This year our family is doing something different for Christmas! As a single mom, and like many families who have experienced either a cut in work hours, or even lost jobs, we’ve had to be extra careful during these 2020 challenges. So, I talked to my kids about many of their presents coming from the thrift store this year. They didn’t mine one bit. In fact, they cleverly coined the term “Thresents” and are as excited to have Thresants under the tree just as much as if they were new gifts. 🙂 We even bought two “new” rolls of wrapping paper at the thrift store just to commemorate the occasion.

I’ve had a blast combing through thrift stores for goodies and everything gets a good washing or scrub before being wrapped. All the tags get clipped but I’ll give you a hint that everything here for my 11-year-old daughter was $38 dollars which makes it possible to search for a few more treasures. My goal is to find items each person will love (without breaking the bank!) and have been stockpiling gifts for my boys the same way.

For anyone else who is needing to save money this year, you can make a few gifts under the tree from the thrift store with a fun twist of giving the 2nd hand gifts a special style of wrapping paper. A fun way to mark Thresants for what they are, and make the offerings extra smile-worthy. With the financial strain lifted and the fun embraced, we’re enjoying this year’s gift-giving experience more than ever. Just as importantly, I think my kiddos are learning even more about gratitude, working together, and the true meaning of the season.

If you give any thrift store presents this year, I’d love to hear in the comments—what you found and who it’s for!