One of the most frequently asked questions that I’ve gotten since the release of My Hope is Found, last fall, is when is my next book coming out. And I confess, I don’t yet know. It’s been a journey though. There has been hope, there have been tears, there’s even been laughter and lots of lessons in God’s graciousness. Laced through all of it has been the sweet outpouring of a few friends’ hearts and the wisdom and support of my agent. While I don’t know how long this particular season will last, I’m thankful for the way God has met me here.

And in the meantime? I’ve been writing. In a way, God has simply blessed me with free time. Free, wide open time. And He moved greatly in the inspiration department…so I wrote books. Nearly four of them as I’m rounding the final chapters of my current work-in-progress. 

Would you like a little peek into those stories? Here are the main character inspirations (heroes and heroines) for each one. As you can see, one of them is a bit stacked with fellas as it centers around a trio of brothers. It’s actually the one I’m working on now and has been super fun to write! I’ve marked each character inspiration with a symbol that connects them to their story…


                                    – screenshots of Pinterest

Each of these stories holds a special place in my heart and has kept me up at night at least a time or two or woken me up at 4 am to add more scribbles to my writing notebook. Each is an Appalachian romance and most are around the 85,ooo – 95,ooo word range…

One is a single title, one is the first in a two-book series and one is the first in a three-book series. Another is a shorter piece, topping out at 25,ooo words. That was my first shot at such a length and it was a delightful experience. In all of these stories, there’s laughter, even a bit of tears, ax swinging and pie baking and all kinds of in-betweens. And of course lots of guy-meets-girl *wink*. There’s also my heart. I poured it into each and every one and I’m blessed to say that I learned something new each time. Lastly, there are bits and pieces of you, dear readers. I keep you in mind always as I write and it’s those thoughts of you that often keep me marching onward. And sometimes even inspiring a scene or a piece of dialogue! 

So until that day…I thank you, my friends for being here. I thank you for your support and the encouragement that you’ve sent my way as both an author and a friend!