Introducing a brand new thread of blog posts you’ll be seeing around here to kick off a brand new year! A series of little tales, just yea-big. Today is the first mini-story and for more info on the plan and process, you can get the scoop here! 🙂 


Her smile warmed him. Even in the dark.

The latter, she mentioned herself, tilting her face toward the black sky overhead. She rubbed a gloved hand up the side of her arm. In the distance, a wind whistled through the creek bottoms. She suddenly seemed to be standing closer to him. Was she frightened?

If there was something out there worth fearing, he’d see it. “It’s not all that dark,” he said. 

Not with the stars shining and the moon lifting on the horizon. He knew a dark that trained your eyes to the slightest movement. Had men going mad with tales of ghosts. A world where you extinguished the meager light you wore when a killing gas seeped too richly from the earth, hungry for a spark. And there you were, shrouded in blackness. Just to live.

He looked at her a moment, the way the light caught her eyes. Eyes that were peering up at him trustingly.

No. It wasn’t dark.

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